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Hi there, I’m Tyler Young, born and raised in northern California. I’m a meteorology, herpetology, graphic design, and photography nut in short, but let’s begin with that meteorology stuff, eh?

I’ve been writing, forecasting, and learning the ropes of meteorology since 2007, but have been interested in this thing we call “weather” for most of my life. I’ve been forecasting for about eight years now, learning so much along the way it’s hard to fathom. I write a significant amount during northern California’s stormy season, putting hours upon hours into each post to ensure keeping it as accurate as possible and explaining things fluidly to keep generally weather-aware people interested and looking forward to the next update. I have a keen interest in thunderstorms, and put the most time into forecasting the potential of convection if the potential exists.

stand out

When it comes to the world of weather, there’s many, many blogs and websites out there. I wanted mine to stand out. I looked around at other blogs, not just locally, but across the country. I noticed the big kicker behind popular blogs was graphical features. Maps, banners, logos, and simple stuff such as website elements to make things more vibrant and noticeable. A lot of websites lacked this, and while the content on these blogs was great, if not excellent, I decided graphic design would be worth the time and effort to learn; and that I did.

When I first started forecasting and using computers, I started with Paint. Microsoft Paint. I knew it was horrible, but I worked with it, because it’s all I knew of at the time. A couple years later I discovered PowerPoint, and learned the ropes of that, but decided it wasn’t enough. My main aspiration was to make awesome maps. I learned Photoshop from 2010 onward. In 2012 I had some decent map and forecast templates that I started to offer to other forecasters, but it was very slow and no one really knew about me.

Now, I have a decent amount of fans and customers who have been looking for decent graphics to use in their forecasts, which was the same thing I was looking for when I began. It’s taken a hundreds of long and rough days, with many, many more ahead. It’s always worth it, however, knowing there’s someone out there who may find what I put the time into useful for their needs and use.

Not everyone wants or has the time to learn everything there is to design software which can take years – but you don’t need to be an expert to use my stuff. You’ll probably learn new stuff while working with my products, though, which is surely a plus!

saving snakes

Since about the same time I began becoming exceptionally interested in weather, I also developed a deep interest in reptiles. This interest in reptiles sort of sat on the back burner for a long time, but over the years I’ve come to love working with them, with a keen interest in snakes. I find snakes perhaps one of the most misunderstood animals on this planet, and it’s always saddened me to hear of them killed. I started Placer Snake Removal, a humane snake removal service in 2012, to work with snakes more often and save the ones I get called out to remove.

Whenever I work with snakes, I take photos. There aren’t many snakes I see these days I don’t take a photo or a hundred of. This got me interested in photography, and for the last three years I’ve learned how to use DSLRs pretty well, and expanded from reptile photography to landscape, weather, and anything else interesting.

I know my weather stuff pretty well. I’ve been forecasting since 2007, where I began on WeatherUnderground with a blog. Moving forward a few years, I fired up in the fall of 2011, and have stuck with it since, as you can see. I have a keen interest in big winter storms and the thunderstorms that can come with them. Thunderstorms are the main reason I got myself to learn the ropes of forecasting and meteorology. I put a lot of effort into thunderstorm/convection forecasts, as nailing down where strong to severe thunderstorms could develop is my top priority in general outside of overall storm discussion.

I’ve been designing graphics since 2010. I have extreme experience in Photoshop, but can use After Effects and Premier for video, Cinema 4D for 3D work, and Lightroom for editing photos. I design weather & media related graphics almost daily; anything from forecast templates, upper thirds, weather icons, maps, and so much more I could write on forever.

I can operate a camera pretty well. I currently shoot with a Nikon D600, a full frame 24MP DSLR. I have the most experience in reptile, specifically snake photography, and weather/landscape photography. I’m flexible though, so if you need photos of other objects/beings, chances are I can help.’s blog
Placer Snake Removal