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I do all sorts of strange things. I remove rattlesnakes, take photos of these creatures and other things, forecast weather, design graphics, and can graphically enhance and help build websites pretty well. It’s a strange mix of things, but I enjoy all of what I do. Perhaps there’s something I can help you or your business with?

I’ve been into meteorology for about a decade now, with serious intentions since 2007. I use the best tools and data available along with my years of experience to construct my forecasts. I’ve always said weather is an expensive hobby, both software & data wise, but weather can also be expensive outside of the hobby if it ruins an event or project of yours. Don’t let that happen, pick up a forecaster such as myself to forecast for your event and let you know if you should make plans for extreme heat or thunderstorms.

I’ve been designing graphics since about the same time I started forecasting. In the last four years though, however, this skill has become a very useful one. I work in Photoshop daily and have the most skill in there ranging from graphic design, to photo photo manipulation, however I work in After Effects & Adobe Premier for video, Cinema 4D for minor/modest 3D work, and Lightroom for photo editing.

I’ve been using DSLRs for 4 years now, and currently work with a Nikon D600, a full frame, 24 megapixel camera. I work with reptiles a lot photography wise, and photograph basically each one I catch or see for documentation, to share with others, and use on websites and whatnot. I also photograph weather-related events, such as lightning, cloud structures, and other significant events. I also do timelapse video/photography of weather-related events, including smoke plume timelapses and general cloud/storm timelapses. I’m flexible and can work basically anything that comes to mind, however. May just require some different glass (lenses).

If you’ve read my blogs before, you probably know most of these posts require a lot of time and effort to create and build. My goal is to create forecasts that explain what is possible, any uncertainties, and potential impacts of forecasted solutions. Sometimes forecasts can be quite accurate many days to perhaps more than a week in advance, but sometimes they can decay with time and an event may be much or or less impactful than initially forecast. This is why I do it though. The uncertainty keeps me learning, wanting to figure out why (weather/computer) models indicating a certain scenario, or why they didn’t.

I take the forecasting of significant weather events quite seriously. It gets my heart beating a bit faster knowing a big storm is on the way. I feel excitement when potential for severe thunderstorms exists. Weather can be boring, but it can also be predictably chaotic. If you operate or manage any events that can be impacted by weather, it’d be a good idea to have someone on your side to consult you on any potential threats and risks.

I’ve had a passion for reptiles just as long as I’ve been into meteorology. Since 2012, I’ve owned and operated Placer Snake Removal, a safe and humane rattlesnake removal & relocation service. I respond out along the American River in Sacramento county, up into El Dorado county, and into southern Nevada county for rattlesnake troubles. Snakes are misunderstood creatures, and far too often not given a chance to live. They are not around to hurt or kill you, they’re simply living their lives and bump into humans often due to us encroaching on their habitat due to immense urban development on land snakes have dwelled on for generations.

Graphic design is a skill I’ve put a significant amount of time into over the last several years. I’m driven to create awesome visuals, that attract peoples’ eyes and keep them coming back to see eye-candy in the future. Graphics are a big part of weather forecasts and making them public. There’s hundreds- rather, probably thousands of weather blogs, pages, and companies out there who are all competing for more views.

I work in Photoshop extremely well, but also work in After Effects for video, Cinema 4D for 3D work, and Lightroom for photo editing. I can accomplish tasks ranging from maps, forecast templates & other weather related designs, to print and website graphics/visual content.